Private Party

We offer Wanna B’s to be rented out for your private occasion. Birthdays, office parties, retirements, a random get together, just any reason under the sun that you would want to sing your face off with your friends or colleagues is a good reason to come make Wanna B’s yours!!

These are the menu items available below, just choose an item to find out more.

Rent out the entire bar

Fully stocked bar, 12 fantastic craft beers on tap, and a full kitchen full of delicious food. Let us set it up for your event, decorations or any theme you want to have.

Just for your event

You tell us what you want and we make it happen. Come and party, sing, eat, drink, and we clean up after so you can get on with the rest of your day. Here is a small list of what you get:

  • Full Bar
  • Buffet items you choose
  • Al la carte menu available
  • Private Use of the Facility with Karaoke

Additional Staff (req. w/ food or parties over 50 guests. 1 Server per 50 additional guests)
Server and/or Bartender $15/hr/staff
Cook (with a Buffet) $25/hr
Cook (w/out a Buffet & w/ tabs paid by guests, not host*)
* Our kitchen is compact and can only accommodate one cook. When food is “free”, guests will order upon arrival; and since guests usually arrive at the same time, all of the orders will hit the kitchen at the same time. Orders cannot be filled in a timely manner under these conditions therefore, we avoid this payment scenario.

    • 1) Prices are subject to change and do not include food/beverage taxes or gratuities.
    • 2) All ages allowed. Smoking indoors during the party is at the discretion of the Host.
    • 3) Price does not include the cost of any additional food or Dispenser refills desired once the party is underway.
    • 4) Reservations require a non-refundable deposit of $125 which will be credited to your bill at the time of the party.
    • 5) If you want to supply decorations (please no paper streamers or confetti), just drop them off the evening BEFORE the party (any time after 7pm unless you make other arrangements). If you do not provide decorations, house decorations will be used at no charge.
    • 6) If you want it and it is not listed above OR you need to make a reservation, please use the link below or call the club at 757 340-5671.

Party Bowl of Potato Chips

Get the party started with this classic finger food. Get your choice of sauces for dipping. $5

Party Bowl of Tortilla Chips and Salsa

Simple and delicious, and tons of it for your enjoyment!! All your guests will grab some of these classic treats!! $7

Vegetable or Relish Tray with Ranch (serves 10-15)

Healthy and so very tasty, your guests will love the crunch of the fresh cut veggies and smooth flavor of our house made, buttermilk ranch dressing. $45

Salami, Olive and Cheese Tray (serves 20-25)

It’s not a party without the finger food, and you get a huge plate of it for all your guests. $45

Fruit and Cheese Tray (serves 30-35)

A little on the sweet healthy side and a little on the cheesy side. Your guests will enjoy both with this classic party selection. $60

4 lbs. French Fries with Ketchup (serves 15-20)

Did you want fires with that? How about 4 pounds of our delicious fried goodies, and we never forget the ketchup!! $35

4 lbs. Onion Rings with Ketchup (serves 15-20)

Piles of rings on rings, on even more rings. Just for your guests and we never forget the ketchup for these either!! $20

40 Fried Mushrooms with Horseradish Sauce

Sometimes you have guests that are a little on the spicy side and that is what you get with this combo. $15

25 Vegetable Lumpia with Sweet Chili Sauce

This is a real treat for those who know how good these are, and if you don’t know, you should try them out. Served with a sweet chili sauce that make them pop, so to speak. $35

4 lbs. Fried Spicy Green Beans with Ranch (serves 15-20)

If you have not tried these yet, you really should. Crispy, spicy, and delicious little finger food for your guests that they will enjoy with our in house buttermilk ranch dressing. $30

25 Cheese Sticks with Marinara

Classic flavor with warm marinara sauce for yours guests to enjoy. A lot of cheesy goodness just for you to enjoy. $30

30 Dip ‘N Sides with Salsa

These treats are exactly like cheese sticks, except they use queso cheese in the middle surrounded by crumbled tortilla chips for you to dip in salsa and enjoy. Some people have described them as “Mexican Cheese Sticks”, but we just call them delicious!! $35

40 Mini Corn Dogs with Ketchup and Mustard

Always a treat, and just the way you like, fresh and hot. Your guests will love gobbling up these tasty treats. Served with mustard and ketchup, for that ballpark flavor. $30

16 Chicken Fingers with Honey Mustard

We love to eat these and so will your guests. Served with honey mustard, they will love to eat them all up. $32

25 Cordon Bleu Balls with Ranch

Ever have one of our Chicken cordon blew sandwiches? These are just the bite sized version of it, stuffed with ham and cheesy goodness, served with our house made buttermilk ranch dressing, your guests will love them. $30

40 Shrimp Money Bags with Sweet Chili Sauce

They look like little bags, but they are full of shrimp and flavor that your guests will gobble up. Served with sweet chili sauce to give them another dimension of flavor. $35

35 Buffalo Wings with Celery and Bleu Cheese

Classic wings, and a pile of them for your guests to enjoy. They are made just before you get there so they are fresh and hot when the party starts. Celery and Bleu Cheese are plentiful for dipping, or you can eat as you like. $35

35 Batter-Fried Wings with Bleu Cheese

Ever wonder what the colonel would say if he could shrink his chicken? We found out, and they are delicious. Your guests will love biting into these crunchy treats. $35

Sandwich Tray (serves 30-35)

This tray is amazing and we are always so pleased the way guests enjoy how much food and flavor they get. $60

30 Battered Shrimp with Cocktail Sauce

Got a need for some beer battered shrimp? We got you covered and your guests will love the flavor. Served with classic cocktail sauce for dipping, always a treat. $25

2lbs Cooked Large Shrimp (tail-on) with Cocktail Sauce (serves 20-25)

They don’t call them Jumbo for nothing!! You will call them delicious, your guests will enjoy the unique flavor they get. Served with classic cocktail sauce for those that enjoy that dipping option. $45

1 - 16 inch Cheese Pizza

Cheesy and good, fresh out of the oven and full of that cheese you like. $13

1 - 16 inch Pepperoni Pizza

Get a load of pepperoni, and all the flavor that you love, fresh out of the oven. $15

1 - 16 inch Deluxe Pizza

You get the works with this pie, and you get it fresh from the oven. $17