The star is you, every night.


1. Smoking is permitted on the main floor Monday-Saturday but NOT on Sundays.

2. A singer must make a minimum purchase of $1.75 before singing their first song.

3. As soon as possible fill out a slip of karaoke paper for the song you want to sing first. You may turn in one request at a time, either a solo or a duet/trio/group, but NOT BOTH. Only after you have FINISHED SINGING your song may you sign up again. This guarantees a fair show.

4. Sign up under the same name each time and use a last initial if your name is a popular one (i.e. Mike, Kathy, etc.). Make sure you write down the song title AND number. We have multiple versions of songs on the KJ’s computer but the BEST version is the one in the songbook. Forcing the KJ to choose a random version is NOT in your best karaoke interest! Please take your slip to the KJ personally so they can match names & faces.

5. Don’t miss the “Updates” tab for the latest music and satisfied customer requests!

6. The Artist book has special categories to help you find your song such as Duets, Show Tunes, Halloween, Children’s, Spanish (lyrics are in Spanish!), Christmas, Irish, etc.

7. Remember that only the person(s) signed up for that particular song can share the live microphone or get one of their own. (Impromptu back-up singers are encouraged to use the prop mics found on the speaker in the corner of the stage.)

8. Please return any props that you use during your song to where you found them.
They are much more entertaining on the next singer than they are on your table.

9. We are proud of our fair list and song rotation. Thus, new arrivals NEVER jump to the front of the list. It’s first come first served always!

10. Don’t be discouraged if the list is long. Once the wait to sing is an hour or more the KJ can initiate a Bonus Song Lotto drawing. When this happens, at the top of the hour, a name is pulled from the basket of song slips. That person gets to immediately sing a “bonus song” without losing their current place on the list! Of course the best strategy is to arrive as early as possible, order some Happy Hour liquid courage & SIGN UP! The more you sing, the more chances you have to win!

11. Songs that have more than one part that “color up” on screen are designated in the songbook as a duet, etc. If a song states that an artist is “Feat.” (featured) in the listing, it means the additional part(s) are already performed on the track and the song is set up as a solo and only one part will color up on the screen.

12. If you have any questions or problems don’t hesitate to ask the KJ, your server or your bartender. If you remain unsatisfied, please bring it to the attention of the Manager On Duty and they should be able to handle it to your satisfaction.